13 juli: International Ashtanga Workshop Weekend

International Ashtanga Workshop Weekend

13-15 juli 

Welcome to a weekend workshop with Johan Lundback & Anna Bjärkvik from Sweden. Both authorized to teach traditional Ashtanga yoga from their common teacher Manju Jois. They have recently together with Manju Jois & Camilla Silver been writing the book ”Yoga Chikitsa – Healing techniques and assistance.”

During the weekend we will enjoy the benefits from traditional Ashtanga yoga, plus explore the ancient knowledge of ayurveda with Johan on Saturday and dive deep into our energetic body with Anna on Sunday morning.


Intro to Ashtanga 4.30-5PM
Ashtanga yoga led class 5-6.30PM
Guided meditation 6.30-7.15PM

Ashtanga yoga led class 9-11 AM
Ayurveda lecture (Johan) 12-14 PM

Ashtanga yoga led class 9-11 AM
Inner alignment ws (Anna) 12-14 PM

Cost: €150